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CWA Local 1168: A Proud History of Standing Together to Protect
and Strengthen Western New York Health Systems

Current Executive Boad as of January 1, 2013

Organizational Structure

A Proud History

In 2007, an Albany Commission proposed to close and downsize nine health care facilities across the state.  Western New York was hit hard, with Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital, DeGraff Memorial, and St Joseph’s on the closure list.  Western New York health care workers and their families rallied together and walked 300 miles in the month of January to the State Capital in Albany to pressure then-Governor Spitzer to reconsider the commission report.  Without these efforts, the Commission would not have reversed its decision and kept DeGraff Memorial and St. Joseph Hospital open. 

CWA Local 1168 is on the cutting edge of advancing patient care.   Members recently persuaded Kaleida to invest in mechanical lifts, adjustable-height beds and other equipment to help avoid injuries while moving patients.  Doing so has made patients safer and reduced the number of work days nurses lose from injuries, while at the same time saving the system millions of dollars over the last five years.

CWA Local 1168 was recognized as the Union representing a group of Registered Nurses at Buffalo General, after a two year organizing campaign back in 1982. The first bargaining committee left negotiations on May 1, 1983 and went on Strike till July 19, 1983, when they won their first contract. Nurses United became the unionized RN workforce at BGH.

Since then, CWA has grown to represent health care workers of all job titles throughout Western New York. Currently, the Local represents approximately 5,000 health care workers who work for several employers as listed below.

Kaleida Sites           

BGH Sites
  • Buffalo General                    
  • HighPointe on Michigan
  • Amherst General
  • 1010 Main Street
  • Hertel Elmwood


  • DeGraff Hospital & LTC Facility

Millard Fillmore Sites

  • Millard Suburban
  • Flint Road Labs
  • Spine & Rehab Center

Non- Kaleida Sites

  • Sisters of Charity St. Joseph Campus
  • Planned Parenthood of WNY
  • Absolut of Gasport
  • Union Occupational
  • Family Pharmecuticals
  • Millard Fillmore Surgery Center



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We have a strong affiliation with the Western New York Area Labor Federation – AFL – CIO and the Western New York Council of CWA. Local 1168 continues to grow in the WNY area. We promote the principles of the CWA Triangle –

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